1. International Bio Char Initiative or IBI, our bio char is rated as one of the highest carbon content. The better the carbon rate the better the activity in the soil will be.
  2. Holds up to 7 times its weight in water. Rebecca Barnes a Biogeochemist for Colorado College in Colorado Springs did testing just on water movement using bio char. 92 % slower rate of movement in sand. and a 300% increase rate in clay and keeps the nutrient cycle going.
  3. The bio char also collects pathogens that are harmful , plus metals and harmful toxins. The bio char influences microbial activity in soils.The microbes are like a community and they beat back the pathogen bacteria that attack the plants roots that overwhelm the immune system. Bio char does inhibit this by binding the activity so the cells cannot secret their activity. It is like a shield so bacteria has to fight to get through , the plants are not hindered and this allows them to produce much earlier.
  4. Increase of yields , 10 -15 percent more, plus increase the size of the fruit
  5. As you use bio char you should check the results. It might be that you are over watering your plants. Costing you money and root problems. all soils and environments are not the same. so different areas will produce different results
  6. The ideal soil is : no stress for air or water, good soil structure, low bulk density, supports microbial activity, root growth. Sodium chloride does contribute to lower production in fruit and nut trees. Bio Char does control this and allow the trees to be very productive. The results can be dramatic based on location. The idea of using our bio char is to change the over use of water. Especially in California with water restrictions.

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